Weeks 17-19: Ho Ho Holy Hell the Holidays Make Me Lazy

I contemplated doing weekly posts for my reading over the holidays, but now that it’s 2016 I kind of just want to turn the page and set my sights on a new year. My first real year with the blog. Up until now I was kind of playing around with stuff, figuring out formats I liked, etc. So I’m just going to say goodbye to 2015, brush over weeks 17-19, and move on.

I kept up with my reading pace, I just don’t feel like talking about anything I read. As always, if you’re curious about what I’m reading, follow me on Goodreads!

If you’re at all interested in what my holidays were like, they basically looked like this.

I may have put on a little holiday weight…

Stay tuned for my Week 20 post, which is my first Week of 2016. In it, I’ll be talking about the fantastic Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff. Really, really good book.

Best of 2015 Roundup

I didn’t cover enough material in 2015 to warrant a Best Of post, but here’s a list of some great ones from bloggers who you should be reading (if you’re not). But you probably are. We all know each other.

Oh, and Carolyn from Rosemary and Reading Glasses has a really cool new venture on a new site called The Postscript. Check it out here.


15 thoughts on “Weeks 17-19: Ho Ho Holy Hell the Holidays Make Me Lazy

  1. Thanks Rick, I’m glad you were only taking a break 🙂 I’m sorry that I won’t have read Fates & Furies in time for your review, but looking forward to it anyway. I don’t know all these bloggers either, so I’m off to explore…


    1. It was incredibly comforting to take almost a month off blogging without having a panic attack about whether it was the beginning of the end, haha. I’m incredibly relaxed about the whole “content schedule” issue these days. Finally. Only took me 4 years 🙂

      No pressure around Fates and Furies! It’s quite good, though. I’m just about to finish it. Hopefully the last quarter or so holds up to the rest of it.

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